Firm Foundation Academy is non-profit educational technology company focused on developing effective tools and immersion courses for the teaching of great literature.

We believe that the study of great literature is the best means for grounding students in the most important philosophical questions of life. This grounding empowers students to participate in a broad civilization-building discourse that stretches back into antiquity and constitutes the real basis of civilization and of effective citizenship. This discourse is embodied primarily in great works of classical literature and art -- the shared legacy of the human race. As Durant describes it, a “veritable city of God” where the creative spirits of the past “still live and work, carve and build and sing. Plato is there, playing philosophy with Socrates; Shakespeare is there, bringing new treasures every day; Keats is still listening to his nightingale, and Shelley is borne on the west wind; Christ is there, calling to us to come and share his bread. These and a thousand more, and the gifts they gave, are the Incredible Legacy of the race, the golden strain in the web of history.”

We're renovating our facility throughout the Summer. Please contact us with questions or just drop by our school for a visit!

Firm Foundation Academy, Inc. has been assigned a federal EIN of 46-3388400. When approved by the IRS, the Academy will operate under § 501(c)(3) of the federal statutes. The corporation number assigned by the State of California is 3592981, and the Academy is organized under § 5120 of the California Codes.